The ‘Mahvash’ Edit: Why shop the #MicroFelicity?


Why the #Mahvash #MicroFelicity ?

If you would describe yourself as fashion savvy, edgy and are looking for the perfect compact bag to carry your phone and small make-up items, then the Micro’s are ideal for you! Here are 7 reasons why it should be your ideal pick this summer:

  1. Micro bags are super trending right now!
  2. Cute and easy to carry, #MicroFelicity comes in plush colours decorated with stand out foil metallic florals, which instantly add a slightly formal and zingy look to your outfits.
  3. The choice of colours is ‘interesting’ yet muted which makes it easy to pair them with a number of outfits (both day time and evening), as they form subtle contrasts to almost anything!
  4. They add a very fresh, light-hearted and young vibe to your look!
  5. Buying one genuine leather Micro Felicity is a worthwhile investment; they look solid and last longer than your average faux clutch.
  6. They aren’t just a worthwhile investment, the Micro’s are affordably priced given that they are made of pure leather and are truly designer!
  7. Lastly these are easy to pack and carry anywhere on holiday; and work very well with both eastern and western ensembles.

Styling suggestions? :  Denim is a favourite- some ripped jeans ,a classic white shirt and statement earrings would look absolutely stylish with any one of the Felicities. Or, LAWN! A local favorite- lawn typically comes in gorgeous floral prints, so why not match it with a yummy Micro Felicity? Printed pants with lace up heels would also look uber chic (see below) So girls, WHY NOT #carrylocal and shop a #Mahvash bag instead of a Gucci one this summer? Check out a few looks below and shop them at:



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