Bag Feed: How to spot a fake designer bag!

With the ever growing love for luxury goods the fake designer market or otherwise known as the black market, is in full boom. And we cant deny how readily available these copies are in just about every nook and corner of Pakistan! It might be easy to buy a rip-off but is it easy to spot one? Let me break it down for you in a few simple steps:

1) Most copies are made of faux leather or a sticky canvas and the hardware is typically light-weight.

2) Lining is key- there shouldn’t even be a slight difference in hue! For instance, if you’re familiar with the red lining of the Louis Vuitton ‘never full’ bag then it’ll be easy for you to spot a fake just by looking at the inside of the bag!

3) The stitching should be neatly in line with no loose threads. If its patterned then the patterns on either side of the seam should match/reflect each other. A fake’s patterns are usually misaligned at the seams.

4) Spelling errors are by the far the most obvious give away! If you know your designer label spellings then this one’s a no brainer! ‘Min Min’ for ‘Miu Miu’?

5) The trimmings of a counterfeit tend to be raw, most designer brands choose to fold the raw edges or wax slick them unless of-course the design aesthetic suggests otherwise.

6) Pockets and base feet are another feature to note! Fake’s tend to add zippers in the wrong places especially on pockets; and you will find base feet on practically every top handle bag!

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