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Bag Feed: How to shop for the perfect classy, chic bag?

What really is the definition of classy, chic? Well ladies as a qualified accessory designer, my grueling years at the Cordwainer’s program taught me the 101 on everything bags, accessories and fashion- from designing, crafting, marketing to writing and understanding buyers! First of all lets define the overly used term ‘chic’- chic is a fancier way of saying stylish. An individual who looks very well put together and is conscious of how they look and what they wear can be defined as chic-a personality or image beyond the mere physical. On the other hand, classy and chic put together indicates having achieved a certain level of refinement in your dress sense and an understanding of it. Think Amal Clooney; classy as hell, but jussst a little over the edge! So now, how to shop for a classy yet chic bag? Check out the 6 pointers below:

1) Clean lines is the first step to a clean and classy look! There are many luxury/high street hand bags that offer interesting aesthetics, but its best to pick one that’s simple yet stylish. This neat Dior bag is the perfect example (see below) CD

2) Minimal hardware- a nice closure or a lush chain is enough to enhance a simple structure like the classic YSL bag below: YSL3) Feminine and trending details- classy and chic is best pulled together if the silhouette is clean and the details are easy on the eye. For instance some cute floral cut outs would make for a safe trend that’s pretty and simple all at once! Check out the Fendi floral satchel and the Mahvash Micro Felicity:

4) The grained or nappa leather look! It gives the bag a more heavy and rich feel, or better yet buy a REAL leather bag which will instantly upgrade your look with an expensive appeal. And If you REALLY want a textured bag (they look best in mini’s) best bet would be an embossed leather skin preferably in croc or fish! I would still suggest keeping it plain or grained.grain

5) When shopping for a classy, chic bag labels aren’t necessary as long as it has all the characteristics listed above! I personally feel if you’re avoiding the obvious statement logo and are willing to splash on a long lasting beautiful classic bag then the Chanel calf leather flap bag is absolutely perfect! (also given that you just want classic and not the combo of classy, chic)


6) Lastly choice of colour- typically classy, chic would be best in a deep hued base colour contrasted with details of a brighter or similar shade! I suggest choosing black, burgundy, or a rich/deep blue as the base and allowing pops of colour in the details (works all year round). OR go completely light/bold keeping in mind that the base and details should be one colour.


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The ‘Mahvash’ Edit: Why shop the #MicroFelicity?


Why the #Mahvash #MicroFelicity ?

If you would describe yourself as fashion savvy, edgy and are looking for the perfect compact bag to carry your phone and small make-up items, then the Micro’s are ideal for you! Here are 7 reasons why it should be your ideal pick this summer:

  1. Micro bags are super trending right now!
  2. Cute and easy to carry, #MicroFelicity comes in plush colours decorated with stand out foil metallic florals, which instantly add a slightly formal and zingy look to your outfits.
  3. The choice of colours is ‘interesting’ yet muted which makes it easy to pair them with a number of outfits (both day time and evening), as they form subtle contrasts to almost anything!
  4. They add a very fresh, light-hearted and young vibe to your look!
  5. Buying one genuine leather Micro Felicity is a worthwhile investment; they look solid and last longer than your average faux clutch.
  6. They aren’t just a worthwhile investment, the Micro’s are affordably priced given that they are made of pure leather and are truly designer!
  7. Lastly these are easy to pack and carry anywhere on holiday; and work very well with both eastern and western ensembles.

Styling suggestions? :  Denim is a favourite- some ripped jeans ,a classic white shirt and statement earrings would look absolutely stylish with any one of the Felicities. Or, LAWN! A local favorite- lawn typically comes in gorgeous floral prints, so why not match it with a yummy Micro Felicity? Printed pants with lace up heels would also look uber chic (see below) So girls, WHY NOT #carrylocal and shop a #Mahvash bag instead of a Gucci one this summer? Check out a few looks below and shop them at:



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Bag Feed: How to spot a fake designer bag!

With the ever growing love for luxury goods the fake designer market or otherwise known as the black market, is in full boom. And we cant deny how readily available these copies are in just about every nook and corner of Pakistan! It might be easy to buy a rip-off but is it easy to spot one? Let me break it down for you in a few simple steps:

1) Most copies are made of faux leather or a sticky canvas and the hardware is typically light-weight.

2) Lining is key- there shouldn’t even be a slight difference in hue! For instance, if you’re familiar with the red lining of the Louis Vuitton ‘never full’ bag then it’ll be easy for you to spot a fake just by looking at the inside of the bag!

3) The stitching should be neatly in line with no loose threads. If its patterned then the patterns on either side of the seam should match/reflect each other. A fake’s patterns are usually misaligned at the seams.

4) Spelling errors are by the far the most obvious give away! If you know your designer label spellings then this one’s a no brainer! ‘Min Min’ for ‘Miu Miu’?

5) The trimmings of a counterfeit tend to be raw, most designer brands choose to fold the raw edges or wax slick them unless of-course the design aesthetic suggests otherwise.

6) Pockets and base feet are another feature to note! Fake’s tend to add zippers in the wrong places especially on pockets; and you will find base feet on practically every top handle bag!

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